The Southwest Florida Motorcoach Life

If you’re not from Southwest Florida, you’re probably used to ice, snow, and sleet for the better half of the year. While the chillier seasons can be picturesque to look at, living through them is a different story—which is why so many people migrate south for the winter. Just ask the residents of Fort Myers-based Golden Palms Luxury Motorcoach Resort, a new community for premium Southwest Florida living, where it’s sunny 266 days a year.

So, what exactly makes life down here so great?

Southwest Florida – Nothing But Sunshine

Fort Myers boasts a pleasant climate across all months. The majority of rainy days actually take place in the summer, so you’ll experience sunny days all winter long.

January through May, the average temperatures are a high of 82° and a low of 61°. From June through September the ranges run in the low nineties for highs to the mid-seventies for lows. From October to December, the temps range from highs of 77° to 91° and lows from 57° through 74°.

Imagine a place where it’s sleeveless season year-round and there’s not a flake of snow to be found—that’s Southwestern Florida.

Southwest Florida Motorcoach Life


Rich Experiences—Only in FL

You don’t need to be in a bustling, urban metropolis to find a wealth of cultural and unique experiences. In Southwest Florida, you’ll find endless fascinations in every nook and cranny.

From the bodies of water—the Caloosahatchee River, the Intracoastal Waterway, numerous bays, canals, fresh-water lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico—to the cultural institutions boasting art, science, and live outdoor entertainment, Fort Myers has discoveries around every corner. That’s not to mention the 16 golf courses within a 10-mile radius, which are fully operational all year long.

In other words, you’ll never be bored with the number of options in Southwest Florida—in the winter season, you won’t even scratch the surface of everything the region has to offer.

The Southwest Florida Motorcoach Life | Golden Palms


Take It Slow

From October to April every year is our resort season, when more and more people flock to the Floridian climate for good reason.

In Southwestern Florida, life is less about rushing and more about taking it slow. If you ever find yourself wishing you had more time in your day, or the opportunity to savor every moment, Fort Myers is the place for you.

Elsewhere across the U.S., the holiday season is stressful, filled with work deadlines, obligations and shopping madness. Here, residents are simply happier, with daily sunshine and opportunities for fun.

About Golden Palms Luxury Motorcoach Resort

A sprawling, lakeside property with an observation pier, sun deck, sauna and spa, a 70-acre nature preserve, Wi-Fi hotspot, a shaded dog park, and so much more can be found at Golden Palms Luxury Motorcoach Resort!

You can build your winter home on a 2,400 square foot paver pad, fully customized RV lot, complete with a casita (small house). Residents can also design a utility ready, but unimproved lot.

The Southwest Florida Motorcoach Life | Golden Palms


Experience Golden Palms Luxury Motorcoach Resort; say ‘yes’ to the sunkissed splendor of Southwest Florida. (Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to make the move…year-round!).

We offer a FREE three-day visit at the Golden Palms Luxury Motorcoach Resort for visitors to view available lots. For more information visit or call (239) 674.9159.